Bilbao Open Server

The Bilbao Open Server is a proposal that we presented at the Bilbao Data Lab to create a common shared and sustainable resource, where we can store all and any information regarding free culture resources and information in and around Bilbao.

HERE --> Human Ecosystems HERE --> Bilbao Data Lab HERE --> Transformap HERE --> Bilbao Commons Academy

In particular we look to develop the following resources: * Collaboration Map * Commons Research Groups * Bilbao Code Academy

# Name We should give the project a more memorable name - Bilbo Server?

# Description The server would contain a collaborative research platform, and new data and geographic visualisation platform specifically tailored for local projects.

# Circular Business Plan We look to build a sustainable self-organised education framework into the way this server is managed and organised. Many people can help sustain and maintain this server, from organising events for sprints, cooking food, giving technical advice, writing and researching content, and coding.

We look to bring these people together around the shared digital commons that is held on the server, and to facilitate creative knowledge exchanges and learning based on this collaboration.

# Education There are many things to learn together while developing a better and better infrastructure for this project. One of the incentives for participation will be the learning that can be gained by working on the server.

We will bring international experts in various fields into the project to give technical advice. In return the community will se a community currency based only on their time, in which they can pay back their training by passing the knowledge forwards - teaching other people within the community.