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OpenBeeLab is Free and open-source research programme about bees -

Here you can here a recording of a hive about to swarm. Listen for the sound of the queen bee - soundcloud

OpenBeelab is a non profit programme, with the purpose of: * the creation of Free software and hardware to help beekeepers monitoring their beehouses and scientist collecting data about bees * hosting and helping hosting this open data * sharing and helping sharing this data with technical, legal, and ontology reflexion.

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The OpenBeeLab is an association program based in Bordeaux - It aims to initiate a symbiosis between researchers and beekeepers by providing systems under free licenses exclusively to facilitate the work of beekeepers and in the same movement powering a public database hosted by the scientists themselves.

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For that we develop a base that weighs hives, we are working on two versions: a stand-alone electricity which measures the essential (weight temperature, humidity) and for keeping it running in the garden or on the roof that allows to harvest much more info (inputs outputs bees, singing bees, etc ..).

For now our first three prototypes work and can track the weight, temperature and humidity live hives.

We seek funds to develop our hives tracking interface. Simple and intuitive, the beekeeper flashes the QR-code of the hive and direct access to its hive health record. It also configure alarms to be received by mail to report him missing honey winter, a full hive to harvest the summer, a spin-off in the spring, and we hope many more ...

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So whether you're a hacker, professional or amateur beekeeper, researcher whatever the discipline, you can participate in the development with us on the forum and on the Git. We are not yet very honed in terms of organization, so feel free to ask or suggest improvements to the forum. But remember, here we develop free! Thank you for that.

Two of these hives are hosted in laminated, the apiary the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux, the other is in the Botanical Garden of Helsinki.

The software part is available on our Git , all step-by-docs are not being written to make your own hive connected.

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We maintain a public database that hosts the data and is being replicated on the servers of a first scientific lab at the University of Barcelona.

Our goal is to see a maximum of hives connected worldwide and who send their data in open access databases and interconnected.

# Collaborations and partners

Opensystems of Barcelona universté, including a replica of our public database hosted in the physics laboratory universté.

Meliferopolis in Helsinki, which works eCollaboration with artists, beekeepers and researchers. - melliferopolis.files

The Contemporary Art in Bordeaux -

The Contemporary Art in Bordeaux -

Socientize, European citizen science program -

# Software * OpenBeeLab uses Tinc (protocol) to create secure vpn between nodes. * github

# Contact * @P_G_P_ on twitter * @OpenBeeLab on twitter

# See also

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