A global distributed event (JUNE 11th – 15th, 2015), exploring the Open Source and the Circular Economy - oscedays.org

A waste-free and sustainable Circular Economy cannot work without transparency, open access and open source solutions.

Open Source Circular Economy Days is a diverse & globally distributed event using Open Source methodology to build a Circular Economy.

An Experiment in Distributed Working

As part of the overall event, we are interested in beginning to test out some of the concept of a Distributed Unconference.

Building on a small number of the overall 35 cities taking part we want to look at how the following cities can work together to have a dialogue over the four days of the event.

Experts and innovators from the fields of open source hardware, software, data, design, circular economy, waste, resource management and the collaborative economy will work together, globally connected, in order to develop, exchange ideas and prototype systems, products and designs for an Open Source Circular Economy.

OSCEdays is an open platform. Workshops, teardowns, co-design and prototyping will take place simultaneously in various cities all over the world. Local events are organized by local groups, focusing on local challenges. Cities will be connected through various media channels including daily open video conferences and continuous online documentation, contributing to a global conversation and pool of knowledge on the Open Source Circular Economy.