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As part of OSCEDays we look to write and research together on topics related to creating sustainable commons, whether biological, social or digital in and around the area of Bilbao.

We duplicate an illustration from Timeless Way of Building using Graph plugins and our graph building workflow.

Here we collect images of the people and projects that took part in Blibao OSCEDays 2016.

Here we list a few tools that are of particular use in managing and creating Fedwiki content:

Follow Changes to this Site or Bilbao Writings to find out what we are Currently Working On. Use Fedwiki Tools to import stuff, or change things.

To learn how to write in Fedwiki you may want to follow the step by step lessons you can find on the Start Here page below:

Welcome. This is the place to begin familiarising yourself with the way you write in Federated Wiki.

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# People

We start with a group of , where we begin to write and research together, making connections with other people, projects, and organisations in Blibao and abroad.

# Projects

Here we also document the process, and development of the Projects in Bilbao begun as a part of OSCEDays. We seek to make new connections, and come without preconceived plans, in the understanding that no project will be sustainable, or have relevance if it is not Rooted In Local Culture.

# Education

We look to learn together, to share and build upon our distinct and diverse qualities. Our common goal is the desire to lay down a formal and structured body of Living Knowledge, that has the power to transform the quality of our shared experience.

To realise this goal we seek to bring together Diverse Communities of researcher.